Document Storage

lock-key-industry2Making your Will or creating an LPA is an incredibly important step in life, and these important documents should be carefully stored.

Once your Will and other legal documents have been written, you need to decide where to store it safely.

If you decide to keep it at home, consider the risk of fire, theft, flooding and pests. In addition, it needs to be accessible to your executors upon your death.

Keeping your documents at home is therefore not something we would recommend. Nor would we advise you to keep a Will in a safety deposit box because after your death, your executors won’t be able to open it unless they have obtained a court order.

We offer you the opportunity to safely store your Wills and other legal documents in our Legal Documents Depository. It is a safe, secure storage facility, which is fully insured and provides the testator with quick and easy deposit and retrieval of their documents.

You will receive a certificate of Safe Custody and two Executor cards. These are for security and are to be used by the executors, but they must be accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate.

This service is charged at £20 + VAT per year for Single Wills and £35 + VAT for Mirror Wills. Clients storing their wills with us will also benefit from one Will re-write, absolutely FREE of charge!

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